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The following books were available on the bookstall at the time of the review
Book: The Dignity Revolution
A book about human dignity: about the image of God and how it should influence the way we think about the world
Book: Dig Even Deeper
Unearthing Old Testament treasure
When I don't desire God. How to fight for joy.
it's about when we don't desire God - something that we may find hard to admit and even harder to do something about.
Lit! A Christian guide to reading books
Only the Bible can give us a correct worldview to read all other books by. We should read EVERYTHING in the light of scripture
Why bother with church?
Ends with the question, ‘Why on earth would I not bother with church?’, and by the time you’ve read it, it seems a very reasonable question.
If God, then what?
A book you could confidently give to anyone looking for the answers to life’s big questions but who has not yet committed to looking for them in the Christian faith
Wonderful, deep theology without the sore head
Foreign to familiar
A guide to understanding Hot- and Cold-Climate cultures
My Rock My Refuge
A year of daily devotions taken from the Book of Psalms
True Friendship
For me, one of the highlights of the book was the way it encouraged us to be intentional in strengthening friendships. Meaningful friendships do not just happen, we have to put in hard work and effort.
The Answer to Our Cry
Freedom To Live Fully, Love Boldly, And Fear Nothing
Four Kinds of Christmas
There are four different ways to approach Christmas – Scrooge, Shopper, Santa and Stable.
The Intolerance of Tolerance
Generally accessible and informative, definitely a recommended book for those interested in modern society and how it impacts and interacts with Christians.
Finding Truth
5 Principles for Unmasking Atheism, Secularism, and Other God Substitutes
What do you think of me? Why do I care?
Answers to the Big Questions in Life.
You can really grow
If you've ever felt like you 'ought' to be growing but wondered where to start, or felt a twinge of guilt or a pang of regret that you're not growing in your relationship with Jesus the way you once were, this book will really help you.
Invest your suffering: unexpected intimacy with a loving God
A book that deals honestly and carefully with the painful and perplexing experience of suffering.
Everyday Prayers
365 Days to a Gospel-Centred Faith
Creation, Power and Truth
The gospel in a world of cultural confusion
Honest Evangelism
How to talk about Jesus even when it's tough

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