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A month of guest events seeking answers to the biggest questions of life.

The SearchAll our evening services in March will be guest events seeking answers to the biggest questions of life. Check out the SEARCH website which we've made for the month-long series. the SEARCH is a five-week series of guest events, including live music, refreshments, personal stories, Q&A, and a short talk from the Bible, seeking answers to the biggest questions of life. Bring your questions, bring your friends, join the search..

As part of the SEARCH, on March 15th we will be hosting 'The Mark Drama'. This is a dramatised performance of the Gospel of Mark, in 90 minutes.

The Mark Drama involves a cast of 15 people, from members of the Highfields church family, and is a powerful and creative way to introduce people to Jesus Christ.

# Bring your questions
# Bring your friends
# Join the SEARCH

Title Description
The search for identity 01 Mar - Evening Service - 6:30pm - John Wyatt
The search for happiness 08 Mar - Evening Service - 6:30pm - Dave Gobbett
The search for God 15 Mar - Evening Service - 6:30pm - The Mark Drama

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The Mark Drama

The Mark DramaHe Commands the skies and the seas. Who is this man!?

Bring your family and friends along at 6:30pm on Sunday March 15th & Monday March 16th and discover together a side to Jesus you might not have seen or heard of before in The Mark Drama. 

There will be food and refreshments available post performance. Entry is free but there are limited seats!

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