From whom all blessings flow

Reflections on an extraordinary week in the Williams family

Huw Williams | 20:27, Tuesday 10 April 2012 | Turin, Italy

I'm not naturally a very grateful person. Many of my spiritual struggles seem to be connected to my sinful convictions that I am entitled to certain things. I fall into the trap of thinking that they are not gifts to be enjoyed so much as rights to be protected. My time off, my comfort, my self-esteem and so on. And yet there are times when such a concentration of blessings come along at once that even a hard-hearted grump like myself has to lift up his voice in thanks.

A week ago today, Hannah Katerina came into our lives, and little Kitty has already stolen our hearts. The circumstances surrounding her birth, from a straightforward pregnancy to English-speaking midwives and doctors who 'just happened' to be on shift just when we needed them during labour and delivery all point to our Father's love and provision. And that's before we get onto seven days and nights of sleepless, joyful learning and discovery, the baby steps of parents.

Phil & KittyIt was such a blessing and encouragement to have Phil and Cath with us on the weekend, in every way! After the week we'd had, not even I would have wanted to hear the sermon I might have muddled together in my sleep-deprived, baby-brained state, so to have pulpit cover was blessing enough, but to hear the message Phil had prepared from 1 Corinthians 15 really was the icing on the cake! Having a personal, dedicated midwife on call all weekend was amazing, too! It's so encouraging to get the reassurance from someone who knows these things, that things are OK, that Kitty is doing well and that we're not completely incompetent parents!

And if events earlier in the week were in danger of meaning that Easter passed us by a little this year, it was wonderful to stand with God's people in church on Sunday morning and sing “Thank you for the cross, Lord” Of all the blessings of new life and of fellowship with dear friends that last week brought, we were still able to enjoy the greatest blessing of all, the new life and fellowship which all others point to, that which is found in our risen Saviour.

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