The Edge

for 11's -14's

When not impacted by the pandemic:

Sports - trips - consoles - tuck - mayhem - toilets … OK so you're probably not going to come to the Edge, just to go to the toilet … so why should you come?!?

The Edge is the maddest thing in Highfields! Just check out the programme for a non-stop-whirlwind of crazy games and events, run by a team of leaders dedicated to making sure that you have the best night of the week, and get to meet Jesus.

Bouncy CastleSpend ½ an hour each week looking at the Bible in a small group, seeing what it says about Jesus, life, death, and potatoes (… Ok, not potatoes). Follow that up with the Bouncy Castle or the Winter Olympics, and it's no wonder 40 other people your age turn up every Friday!

the Edge allows you to ask real people real questions about Jesus Christ. 

if ur not living on thE EdgE ur taking up 2 much spacE...

This Month's Upcoming Events:

Title Start Date Description
Edge Jul 01, 2022 07:30 PM After school club for school years 7-9

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